Christine Brunson

Work History

Bittersweet Sentinels - Self-Published - 2018-Current - Co-Creator/Writer/Color Assist
Busy class schedule, helping plan the school play, spending time with friends, chores at home, and helping with the family dental business are some of the many things that high school junior Cecilia Morrison has been handling despite a recent set of fainting spells. Then along comes a spider who makes her world more magical. One issue published. JD Benefield (Co-Creator/Artist/Letterer/ Color Shading))

Amazing Age - 2016-Current - Colorist
An all-ages story about three teenagers who find themselves sucked into a world of heroes created by one of their own.  Five issue mini-series. Matthew David Smith (Writer) Jeremy Massie (Artist)

Amazonia  - Xigency Studios - 2016-Current - Colorist
Action/Cop drama about former super-heroine turned SWAT captain who is trying to adjust to her new life.  Issues 4-5.  Joe D. McFee (Writer/Artist)

Undead Norm  - Self-Published - 2012-Current - Co-Creator/Writer/Colorist
A Zomedy webcomic about a normal guy named Norm who becomes one of the first zombies and meets and eats people along the way.  Two issues published.  Melanie Florencio (Co-Creator/Artist/Letterer) Michael Link (Artist/Letterer)

Disco Frankenstein  - Single Malt Comics - 2013 - Colorist
Frankenstein's monster is the funkiest detective in 1970s Chicago!  Anthony Ball (Writer) Steven "Sash" Scott (Artist) Mindy Lopkin (Letterer)

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