Christine Brunson

Work History

Amazing Age - Alterna Comics  - 2016-Current - Colorist
An all-ages story about three teenagers who find themselves sucked into a world of heroes created by one of their own.  Five issue mini-series. Matthew David Smith (Writer) Jeremy Massie (Artist)

Amazonia  - Xigency Studios - 2016-Current - Colorist
Action/Cop drama about former super-heroine turned SWAT captain who is trying to adjust to her new life.  Issues 4-5.  Joe D. McFee (Writer/Artist)

Undead Norm  - Self-Published - 2012-Current - Co-Creator/Writer/Colorist
A Zomedy webcomic about a normal guy named Norm who becomes one of the first zombies and meets and eats people along the way.  Two issues published.  Melanie Florencio (Co-Creator/Artist/Letterer) Michael Link (Artist/Letterer)

Disco Frankenstein  - Single Malt Comics - 2013-Current - Colorist
Frankenstein's monster is the funkiest detective in 1970s Chicago!  Anthony Ball (Writer) Steven "Sash" Scott (Artist) Mindy Lopkin (Letterer)

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